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About Us

What is The Energy Information Center?

The Energy Information Center is an independent organization that serves as a clearinghouse for public discussion on facts related to energy topics including opinions by experts in the energy field. EIC focuses on facts that are commonly unknown or under-reported. EIC’s experts volunteer time and experience to dispel myths that are based upon inaccurate technical information or based upon activist messaging that is biased. EIC originated on a volunteer basis by a group of engineers and technical experts who recognized that many of the public views and media messages about energy, power plants, energy policy and energy delivery are based upon faulty information or a lack of factual information. EIC experts speak to these topics in an effort to foster clear, accurate conclusions. EIC’s goal is not to advocate for particular public policies but to ensure that society has accurate information to formulate effective decisions. EIC experts attempt to help society avoid misguided, over-reactionary decisions and instead help society make thoughtful, effective decisions to provide for America’s energy supply.

Who is The Energy Information Center?

EIC began as a group of experts who assembled on a self-funded volunteer basis to make themselves available for public forums, debates, research and writing on topics within their areas of expertise. EIC draws on experts across a range of fields including academia, engineering, science, national laboratories and former policy officials across America and the World.

Who are the Energy Information Center experts?

Contributing experts include:

  • Dennis Spurgeon, Former Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, US Department of Energy
  • Jim Tulenko, Professor of Nuclear Engineering, University of Florida
  • Jerry Paul, Former Principal Dpty. Administrator, US National Nuclear Security Administration, Former Reactor Engineer
  • John Kotek, Former Executive Director, President Obama’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Nuclear Fuel
  • David Rossin, Independent consultant on nuclear power safety, materials, energy policy and nonproliferation
  • Paul Dickman, Senior Policy Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Dr. Thomas L. Sanders, Associate Laboratory Director for Clean Energy Initiatives, Savannah River National Laboratory
  • Larry Warren Brown, LWB PC

What does the Energy Information Center do?

EIC collects and assembles factual information, data and research related to power plants, energy policy and energy delivery. Information and opinions offered by EIC experts are those of the experts themselves. EIC does not control the experts’ messages. EIC demands that the factual information is accurate.

How is the Energy Information Center funded?

EIC experts do not accept compensation in return for the messages distributed by its experts. All EIC experts speak and write on their topics based upon their own independent views. EIC appreciates any contributions to cover costs of research, data collection and data assembly. Such contributions can be made on our Donate page. EIC experts may receive reimbursement for travel costs and administrative costs when necessary.