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Media Statement to Nuclear Regulatory Commission Denial

Energy Information Center Applauds Nuclear Regulatory Commission Denial of Motion to Stay Start-up of Nuclear Plant

Engineers and Scientists Call for continued focus on technical facts and sound regulatory oversight and rejecting political posturing by anti-nuclear activist groups  

Background:  Venice, Florida. Today the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) held a session to hear a Motion by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) to stay the restart of St. Lucie Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 in Florida. The Motion was pursuant to a Petition filed by SACE weeks ago. After thorough review, the NRC voted unanimously to reject the Motion.

Statement: The Energy Information Center (EIC) applauds the NRC action. After its review by technical and regulatory experts, the decision stands affirm much of what the independent engineers and technical experts have been saying. It appears as though anti-nuclear activist organizations have exploited regulatory proceedings to score political points and such conduct should be rejected.

Speaking for EIC, Contributing Expert, Jerry Paul, stated: “There is nothing improper about legitimate questions raised on technical issues relevant to the operation of a nuclear power plant.  Indeed, St. Lucie Nuclear Plant has experienced some tube wear within one of its steam generators. But the processes and procedures for analyzing these scenarios (by the licensee and the NRC experts) are well established and effective. We have seen nothing to indicate that safety has not been a central focus, particularly in the context of decisions about whether to operate or re-start the reactor.”

Paul further stated, “these processes and procedures for technical analysis are not aided or complimented by political posturing and stunts such as this Motion filed by SACE. SACE and a few allies appear to have a very clear agenda which is to oppose nuclear power using any means or rhetoric necessary. Other than speculation by anti-nuclear groups, there is nothing to suggest that tube wear is a barrier to safe operation of St. Lucie Nuclear Plant. SACE and the other anti-nuclear groups have been using the same playbook for decades, and once again, it appears that they have been proven wrong.”

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