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Howard Shaffer

EIC is proud to announce its newest Contributing Expert, Howard Shaffer. Mr. Shaffer recognized nationwide as a leading voice in the public debate over nuclear power, specializing in Outreach to opponents. A licensed Professional Nuclear Engineer in New Hampshire, he holds a Masters Degree in Nuclear Engineering from MIT. He was a 2001 AAAS Congressional Fellow on the House Science Committee’s subcommittee on Energy.

A former Navy Nuclear Submarine officer in the 1960s, he later worked at many commercial nuclear power plants as a startup engineer and as a Systems specialist.

The Energy Information Center continues to expand its reach and influence as an independent organization that serves as a clearinghouse for public discussion on facts related to energy topics including opinions by experts in the energy field. EIC focuses on facts that are commonly unknown or under-reported. EIC’s experts volunteer time and experience to dispel myths that are based upon inaccurate technical information or based upon activist messaging that is biased. This mission is important to America’s public dialogue necessary to ensure a safe, reliable supply of energy for our country.

The need for credible experts in the field of nuclear energy continues to increase. Now, more than ever, as anti-nuclear activists elevate their mis-information campaigns, it is important for experts to provide factually accurate input and expertise necessary for thoughtful public debate. Mr. Shaffer will be a great asset to the public dialogue, especially in and around the New Hampshire area.